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EVOLVE by High Heels & Performance Intensive is an innovative dance program which, above all, values holistic approach to dance. It means that the event’s priority is not only physical development but also perfecting mental and spiritual growth.
Apart from intensive dance classes (focused on high heels dance), the program also includes yoga classes, personal branding training or self-confidence boosting photoshoots. 

Our main mission is to build a safe space for people who feel comfortable with feminine energy. We want to eliminate unhealthy competition and provide our students with substantive classes led by the best teachers. 

Having all this in mind, we created a special package of classes called FEMINITY BOOST which is addressed to all of you who may not be professional dancers but want to develop on the body-mind-soul level. This package allows you to take part in body exercises as well as mindfulness activities which will help you to find the perfect balance in life as well as discover and nurture your inner strength.

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