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1. How many days does the High Heels Intensive program cover?

The event covers a total of 4 days:

04.07.2024 – registration and classes contained in the event’s schedule

05.-07.07.2024 - activities and classes contained in the event’s schedule


The detailed schedule will be regularly updated and available on our website and social media channels.


2. How can I sign up?

You can sign up by visiting the EVOLVE 2023  tab on our website and choosing a package that suits you best. You can find the descriptions of each package on our website as well.


3. How can I pay to take part in the event?

There are two payment options available:


  • One-time payment – PayPal, credit card, traditional bank transfer.

After choosing the Traditional Bank Transfer option, you will receive all the information needed for the transfer, which you then will be able to make from your bank account. 


  • Payment in installments – traditional bank transfer only. This applies for REGULAR PRICE AND LATE PRICE OPTIONS.


4. When will I receive the confirmation of my sign-up?


You will receive your sign-up confirmation from our client service team (in case of any issues we recommend you also check the spam folder in your mailbox). 

You will receive the confirmation of your payment, as soon as your payment gets posted in our system. 


5. What will the registration on the first day of the event look like? 

One month prior to the event you will receive an e-mail with detailed information regarding the registration. 


6. Where will the workshops take place?

The workshops will be taking place in Centrum Kultury Agora at Serbska 5A street in Wrocław. 


7. Will there be any parking available?

Yes, there will be free parking spaces available to the participants of the event.


8. Will I be able to find any accommodation nearby? 

Yes. Here is a list of several closest hotels and hostels:


9. Do the packages include any catering?

Prices of the packages do not include accommodation and catering. 


Nearby restaurant options:

  1. Pizzeria Simon na Różance - / Jugosławiańska 65A, 51-112 Wrocław

  2. Ozima chleb i pizza - / Piesza 8, 51-109 Wrocław

  3. Pizzeria Wrocław Nocą -  / Macedońska 41A, 51-113 Wrocław

  4. Wilk Syty - / Trzebnicka 3/1UL, 50-245 Wrocław

  5. Bez lukru - / Igielna 14, 50 - 117 Wrocław

  6. Falla - / Stawowa 4, 50-018 Wrocław / +48 733 004 101

  7. Chai Thai - +48 724 737 824 / Wacława Berenta 68 LU/3, 51-152 Wrocław

  8. Yemsetu - / Plac Piłsudzkiego 5, 51-146 Wrocław

  9. Mango Mama Nadobrze - / Jedności Narodowej 77, 50-262 Wrocław

  10. Hanoi - kuchnia wietnamska / / Teodora Parnickiego 1, 51-116 Wrocław

  11. Pasibus - burgery / / Świdnicka 11, 50-066 Wrocław / 

10. Can minors take part in EVOLVE?

Our event is held for participants 16+. Minors have to have a written consent of their legal guardian with them at the day of the registration. The organizer does not provide care for minor participants.

11. Can I arrive at the event late or leave earlier?

Our packages are sold as a holistic experience so that you could gain the most from the activities at the event.

The absence of the participants is not a matter for the organizer.

The details are included in the Terms and Conditions.

The packages are available on our website.

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