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An amazing way to spend one of the first days of the New Year and get some amazing training. 
For those, who couldn’t wait for another option of our quality, OPEN LEVEL training - we hear you!

This time we get to meet for a 1-day long workshop in beautiful Wrocław!


Michaela Prikrilova

our guest teacher from Czech Republic - Michaela Prikrilova, the founder of the Heeling Company, who is taking the high heels scene by storm with her consistency, hard work and amazing mindset. You can be sure you will catch a lot of knowledge ang amazing vibes at her class.


Jessica Ali

dancer, choreographer, founder of High Heels & Performance Intensive® who started a real high heels craze in Poland by promoting and introducing as a first one the best training options and teachers possible to polish dancers. Her 25 years of dance experience and passion for sharing the knowledge let thousands of people develop their dance skill set and career path. She has worked with many artists and has been a part of foreign projects like Iggy Azalea, The Voice of Germany or Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum and many more!


Previous edition with Jessica Ali & PowerPumps

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